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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 11, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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at you can see all of the news stories, blog along and comment right to at and my show plays on xm 167 noon monday through friday. and chocolate lovers, bewarement confectioners issue a dire warning about the world's chocolate suppliment very good morning you toment those stories and p more straight aheadment this is "first look" on mment sment nbc. this is first look on msnbc.
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we begin with limited liability. this morning's "washington post" is reporting that a pentagon study has concluded the military can lit the ban on serving openly in the military. a draft of the study due to be completed on december 1st. in addition, the post says more than 70% of respondents to a survey said the effect of repealing don't ask, don't tell will be positive, mixed or nonexistent. those results led to the court's authors to conclude that objections would drop once troops were allowed to live and serve alongside them. a firestorm from feedback from all sides is being aimed at the presidential commission with the unwelcomed decision of splashing the budget deficit. tax hikes, medicare cuts and
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raising the retirement age. we have more in washington this morning. >> reporter: good morning, veronica. cuts to social security and increase in gas taxes and end to the mortgage interest deduction. a couple of other controversial proposals by this so-called deficit commission. now co-chairmen unveiled the idea yesterday to bring four trillion in deaf significance reduction by 2020. they call debt a cancer that needs to be fixed. the proposals were attacked by the right and left here in washington. speaker pelosi calling them unacceptable. from korea, president obama urged critics to learn more about the proposals. he said we have to be straight with the american people. and he said that tough choices would be needed. but the proposals may not even survive their own commission. 14 of the 18 commissioners need to approve them before they're sent to congress for a vote.
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so some say that could be unlikely. the co-chairs even acknowledged that all proposals may not fly. a bit of shock therapy to show the american public just how serious the deficit situation is. and they're seeing it as a starting point. >> kristen dal gren, thank you. on the heels of collective shock, controversial proposals to hack away at the nation's deficit, the question going forward is anyone in favor of this panel's findings? last night on "countdown with keith olbermann," keith asked anthony weiner for his take on the track opposed by the president's deficit commission. >> it's truly going to be, and i saw it six months ago, this is now president obama's commission that is going to propose eliminating social security, cutting medicare, cutting the home mortgage deduction which for middle class families is the only big one that they get any break on. and instead of waiting and seeing what the republicans are going to offer, which is to
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privatise social security/medicare and the like. i don't mind the discussion about how to cut deficits. but alan simpson came up to a plan to reduce the budget is not a shock to anyone. >> sounds like it's a good starting point for revolution. what did z. he expect to have happen? >> i don't understand either. one thing for sure is we know for example, we know certain things about the deficit. two-thirds of the deficit are in the wars and big bush tax cut. how are we going to deal with that latter thing? i think we should extend the tax cut for the middle class. the problem we have here is no one seems to be standing up for the fundamental democratic principals. >> be sure to watch "countdown with keith olbermann" at 8:00 eastern. tonight at 9:00 eastern, don't miss rachael maddow's interview with john stewart. the passengers whose dream
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cruise ship vacation turned into a nightmare are inching closer to land as tug boats pull the disabled ship toward port. all they can do is wait and eat the pop tarts and spam that's been flown in for them. >> reporter: the carnival splendor, under tow and heading home to southern california. >> our focus has been totally centered on the safety of the guests, safety of the crew and getting everybody home safely. >> reporter: the cruise ship lost power early monday when an engine room fire triggered an electrical shutdown. it drifted for more than a day before tug boats arrived. carnival delivered food and drink supplies to the ship's passenger and crew. passengers and officials admit conditions on the ship have been less than ideal. >> we heard some passenger that's have full service restored as far as water and bathroom services but no power. no electricity.
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no air flow. >> reporter: a team of five tug boats is expected to have the ship off the shores of san diego by dawn. carnival says the tugs will then slowly guide the ship through the harbor with arrival at the dock expected around midday. kirk gregory, nbc news. here's your first look at the other news going on around america today. a wisconsin driver is behind bars after leading police on a high speed chase. an officer was reportedly attempting to pull over the man for not having tail lights. he took off. at one point the man jumps out of the car and into the bushes. the unmanned vehicle nearly clips an officer. the man has been charged for a multiple offenses including possession of methamphetamine. demolishers in ohio had an embarrassing mishap when an old tower imploded and came crashing down in the wrong direction. apparently one of detonators didn't go off. it left over 4,000 customers in the dark.
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high flames and thick black smoke shot up in the air at one california refinery. a power outage forced workers to release large amounts of gas which caused excess flaring. health officials warned nearby residents to stay inside but have since lifted that order. and in new jersey, a 13-year-old girl may have just reeled in a record catch. the international game fish association hasn't confirmed it yet but with the last junior female record weighing in at 47 pounds, her 58-plus pound stripe bass appears to have blown that one out of the water. very cool. now for a look at the national weather, we turn to bill karins with the weather. bill, did you see that thing? >> that's impressive. i've done some stripe bass fishing in the hudson river. that's a big fish. >> very cool. >> most of them are about 30 pounds. that's pretty cool. let's show you what is going on
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weatherwise on this veterans day. good morning, everyone. temperatures are mild. that's not that chilly, really, unless you're in colorado. denver at 32. there are snowflakes around, too. very mild air is coming up through texas here. we have a battleground taking place in the middle of the nation with colder air coming out of the rockies, warmer air off the golf. that that's going to create a storm system. east coast, you have to deal with this storm in new england for the last three days, especially fli boston. now it's safely off the coast. now you get high pressure to sit over you for three or four days. it's going to be a great stretch from now all the way through sunday for the east coast. so enjoy all the sunshine and especially the warmth in the afternoon. now the middle of the nation, let's talk about your storm you have to deal with. right now, just rain showers are popping up. oklahoma city to tulsa and up 44, kansas city, still have showers to your south. i think you have a better chance of storms late this afternoon into this evening. it's going to be a wet period
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here. the next 48 to 72 hours, this is going to be a slow moving storm. central kansas will get a good soaking. two to three inches of rain up to seioux city and omaha. this could change over to snow, it's a chance, on the backside of this by the time we get to saturday. so that will be one of the stories developing this week is in the middle of the country. forecast, have the umbrella with you. as far as east coast goes, i mention it's a cool start. nice finish, though. 59 in d.c. 72 in atlanta. anyone looking at friday plans, the east coast, you stay nice friday, saturday, sunday. it's only in the middle of the country that we deal with storms and possibly snow by the weekend. so veronica, overall, everyone waking up on the east coast, light jacket. maybe carry it home. >> very nice. that sounds good. cisco stumbles, unemployment improves and you might soon find
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yourself on a flight sitting next to a famous actor. your first look at your morning's business headlines is straight ahead. the jazz do it again. another first for john wall and possibly the worst way to lose a game. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. wall street is getting back on its feet. but the financial landscape is still full of uncertainty. in times like these, you need an experienced partner to look out for you.
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welcome back too to "first look." here is a look at the top stories making news. speaking today's g-20 summit, president obama says the united states and china are making progress on negotiations to tackle sensitive issues like the openness of the chinese economy and affirmireforming the countr currency. he celebrated veterans day by saluting troops that fought in the korean war. david cameron is condemning students who stormed his party's london headquarters. cameron said today those involved were bent on violence and destruction and should face
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prosecution. is drawing outrage over its decision to sell an e-book that bills itself as a guide for pedophiles. the online retailer initially defended the decision to sell the pedophile's guide to love and pleasure citing the right to free speech. as of last night, the book was we moved from its site. how much would you pay to satisfy your sweet tooth? industry experts claim in 20 years chocolate will be just as expensive as caviar. and that's because african farmers who produce the bulk of the world's supply are abandoning their farms in search for better pay. and now here's your first look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 11,357. the s & p edged up five points. taking a look at overseas trading in tokyo, the nikkei rose 30 points. in hong kong, the heng seng
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climbed 199. markets made a modest come back yesterday. a weak outlook from a bellwether could spell a rough start for today. cisco's stock plunged 14% after the bell, the worst post earnings decline ever in response to a far weaker outlook than expected. elsewhere after the bell, kohl's shares were up after the department store reported quarterly earnings in line with estimates. also late yesterday, gm weighed in with the largest quarterly profit since emerging from bankruptcy in july of last year. the dollar will be front and center to day in the wake of the fed's first easing program purchase. as the u.s. feels criticism for keeping interest rates low from global leaders overseas. on that front, tim geithner told cnbc today, the u.s. will never saek to weaken our currency as a tool to grow the economy. the economy is on the mend. and a new report shows not so surprising drop in the number of
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foreclosures last month after several lenders temporarily sought foreclosure filings in the wake of an industry wide probe. google is back in the hot seat over allegations its street mapping tool violated privacy laws. this time the federal communication is investigating. boeing shares took a dive after suspending dream liner test flies to investigate what caused cabin smoke during a 787 test flight on tuesday. and finally, you could soon be sitting next to your favorite actor in coach. if approved, a proposed union deal could require screen actor guilt members to fly economy class for trips under 1,000 miles in exchange for a pay hike and more benefits. a wall with no bricks, a major blunder in high school football. plus, the utah jazz make noise again. coming up with another shocker in the sunshine state. your first look at sports is straight ahead. [ man ] i never knew what my big
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to cover up flaws and make skin look pretty but there's one that's so clever, it makes your skin look better even after you take it off. neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% of women saw improvement in their skin's natural texture, tone, or clarity. does your makeup do that? neutrogena® cosmetics recommended most by dermatologists. utah played two of the nba's teams on back to back nights and the jazz were smooth in each of them. good morning. so after coming back from 22 down against the heat on tuesday, the utah jazz did it again last night in orlando. this time utah was down 18 and rallied in the third. paul millsap double clutched the basket and fouled.
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jazz went off in the fourth. deron williams from beyond the arc. utah within one. then williams from long range. it's not how you start, it's how you finish. the jazz outscored the magic to win it. wizards and rockets second quarter. gilbert arenas who threw it down. whiz were up seven by the half. wall with the steal and the dish to al thorton. wall, first triple-double and the wizards won it 98 hit 91. david lee got a standing ovation in his return to new york. knicks probably wish they never got rid of him. lee had a season high 28 and ten boards. his replacement in new york, amarch stoudemire, 33 points. last chance for new york. wilson chandler for the tie. brick. warriors held on 122-117. baseball, national league gold glove aswarded yesterday. scott role land honored for the eighth time. he won a gold glove on three different teams. high school football from
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orlando. quarterback garret ethridge attempting to run out the clock. instead of kneeling down and taking a knee, he ran around the middle of the field and suddenly stopped. someone said oh, thank you, i'll take that. grabbed the ball and ran it in for the game winning touchdown. that's tough. jake's team is now headed to the playoffs. that's your first look at sports. i'm fred roggin. now for a quick look at the weather, here is bill karins with the weather channel forecast. are we looking forward to some good weather this weekend for the veterans day holiday? >> i think so. a little mixed. some people are off today. some people get the holiday tomorrow. overall, both days look pretty nice in the east coast. middle of the country is a different story. our friends up in cape cod and boston, yesterday dealt with gusty winds, showers, and this nasty coastal storm. just some clouds left this morning. those will clear out by this
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afternoon. and we're going to be left with a pretty nice day. temperatures, not too bad. we're in the 40s in most areas. a little cooler up there in albany, new york, at 32. the only windy spot that i've been noticing is boston. winds gusting 30 miles per hour. but that's going to come down as we go throughout the day. so the wind chill this morning, it's not horrible. you still probably need the heavier fall coat or a winter coat for the kids today. temperatures in the 30s this morning. wind chill, later on this afternoon just fine. most areas getting up into the mid 50s. a little cooler in boston. d.c. should be nice today. pittsburgh should be beautiful for this veterans day. so any parades today is looking nice. as far as what we're going to deal with tomorrow, we start to warm it up a little bit. we head into the upper 50s in a couple spots here. it will be the same over the weekend, too. it's not going to be warm but it should be sunny and nice. we mentioned the trouble spots. today we're watching rain in oklahoma, sliding up into areas of kansas. and the backside, some snow this morning in colorado. not a snowstorm but a few inches here and there. and then on friday, we still
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watch the middle of the nation with the wet weather. so veronica, most people traveling to day or tomorrow, if they got lucky enough for a three-day weekend, you're looking good. >> sounds good, bill. thanks. one celebrity chef is seeing red. plus, the country couple that has it all now has even more. your first look at entertainment is straight ahead. here's a myth, having an insurance agent costs you more money. the truth: an allstate agent can save you a bundle, by helping you get all the discounts you deserve. discounts for safe driving, antilock brakes,
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welcome back to "first look." last night on "late night with jimmy fallon," he spoke about an interesting career choice for a retired four star general. >> i just heard that jetblue is
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appointing stanley mcchrystal to the board. that's who i want, the guy that is looking for bin laden for ten years, hey, your luggage is gone, soldier. hey this is kind of scary and weird. the pentagon says it doesn't know who's responsible for launching a missile off the california coast on monday. they don't know. meanwhile, sasha and malia can't believe the awesome new video game they found in the white house. awesome! did you hear about this? "dancing with the stars" will feature a same sex couple next season. finally, maybe some gay people will start watching "dancing with the stars." tonight jimmy will be on at 12:35 a.m. on your local nbc station. all right. time now for your first look at entertainment news.
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last night was a night to remember for country music's it couple and brad paisley at the country music association in nashville. miranda and blake shelton celebrated lambert's 27th birthday taking home a total of five awards. she won three including album of the year and shelton took two including best male vocalist. paisley, the show's co-host alongside carrie undererwood accepted the award for the best country entertainer. pink is 12 weeks pregnant with her first child. congratulations. celebrity chef is fuming over a "star magazine" report that she was recently seen cozying up with john mayer. she is demanding an apology and retraction. finally, back at the cma's last night in nashville -- >> because i'm country stone --
5:29 am
gwyneth paltrow survived her live singing debut but she got a standing ovation as well. what do you think about that? who knew? >> she said she was going to be extremely nervous for that. she was. for her movie role she gained 0 pounds and then lost it quickly. >> she looked great. it's little guy leader, the question is what snag did president hit today in trade negotiations with our asian partners? meanwhile, back in washington, democrats go nuts condemning the preliminary bipartisan report on fixing our deficit crisis. the question is, will politicians ever do anything but throw a tantrum when it comes to making cuts to entitlement programs? see if we can get anywhere here. i don't know if you heard over the last few years but smoking is bad for you.


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